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My fellow travelers,

Sorry for the temporary Hiatus, and thank you to those dedicated readers who were still checking for new posts every day. Getting adjusted to being a college graduate is an interesting task, I must say. But now that I am safely settled back home, I will be posting again on a regular basis.

Something caught my eye recently in my Google Alerts. Anyone who has read this blog knows how much of a sucker I am for new travel technology, so it’s no surprise that American Airlines newest stint has caught my eye.

American Airlines is currently testing in-flight video streaming. Should it be successful, and implemented into their aircrafts, a passenger could wirelessly stream available videos onto their WIFI enabled personal devices (phones, ipods, computers)!

The idea behind this is that passengers will be able to choose from a list of movies and TV shows (including new releases) provided by the airline, and play them on their own devices throughout their flight.

The airline is testing the system on two aircrafts throughout the summer, and hopes to put it on all their WIFI enabled planes as early as the Fall

It has yet to be announced how much this service will cost, but it is no surprise this technology is coming from American, since they were the first airline to launch in-flight Wi-Fi


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[View the story “Osama Bin Laden is dead” on Storify]

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It is the result of several grueling hours of learning dreamweaver CS3 and compiling information about the best and worst of popular travel vehicles, including trains, planes and cruises.

It’s all for your my wonderful readers (and of course to pass my online journalism class).
Click here to check it out…let me know what you think!

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Book it quick my fellow travelers!

I’m not sure if this technically counts as a blog post towards my class, (sorry Rick end of the semester workload, plus I have this one teacher making us create and entire website…It takes up a lot of time!) but I could not pass up the opportunity to give this offer to as many people as possible!

Dealspl.us’ daily deal today is 20% off a jetBlue purchase, so if you were looking for the right time to book your summer vay-cay, today might be the day to do it!

If you don’t know anything about jetBlue airline just know that they don’t charge for your first checked bag, their crew is unbelievable friendly, and they have more  leg room than Southwest and United!

I wish I could fly jetBlue all the time.

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My wonderful travel buddies,

I love it when I find new websites about travel, especially when they are geared to make your life easier. If you haven’t seen my post about Rome2Rio then you may not really know this about me yet.

My newest time eater on the Internet is a website called Plnnr.com. It is designed to create entire itineraries for your trips, including times for getting from place to place.

When you arrive at the site they ask you a few simple questions (where are you going, how many days, and when). Plnnr will take your answers and calculate a full itinerary for every day you will be in town. They can help you find hotels, places to eat, museums and other attractions to visit, compete with ways to get from one place to another.

The only downside to plnnr so far is they only cater to 18 cities around the world.

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Konnichiwa my wonderful band of Travelers,

Today I was investigating some information about airplanes for my upcoming website (look for it soon) and started getting very interested in FIRST CLASS (which I hope to frequently travel in one day).

I had a brief stint in first class when I was younger traveling with my family (on our way to Florida I believe) when the plane was overbooked and we got a complimentary upgrade. To be honest I was way to small to enjoy the extra space provided, I was just happy with my PB&J. I can however guarantee the first class I experienced was nothing like it is today.

Case in point: and this is just the business class!

Japan airlines has created the ultimate flying experience with their first and business class lounges. LOUNGES…not even seats. They are called either lounges or SUITES….incredible.
When flying first class with JAL you can now feel like you are in a hotel in the air, it doesn’t seem to get better, or more comfortable than this:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Downside to this wonderful luxury? A mere $7,800 dollars (ticket price from Atlanta GA to Tokyo Japan).

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Hello travelers,

I thought I would share this funny little tidbit that a friend of mine passed my way.

The concept of this shirt is that no matter where you travel to and no matter what language they speak (and you don’t) you can communicate any of your basic needs.  I thought it was worth a little laugh.

Unfortunately I haven’t found a website where you can actually buy it. 😦

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