My dearest, and slightly neglected, fellow travelers,

I apologize for the week-long hiatus caused by the ending of my senior year of college, and bring to you today the prospect of renting your very own country for your leisurely pleasure.

It has recently come to my attention that the vacation booking site Airbnb is offering the country of Liechtenstein for the very low rate of $70,ooo a night (with a 2 night minimum).

When you look it up on the site the price doesn’t seem so unreasonable. The countries 61.7 square miles can accommodate up to 900 people. $140,000 comes out to roughly $160 per person…not to bad considering it includes 500+ bedrooms in addition to 500+ bathrooms, no additional charge for extra guests and an enormous list of amenities (including  but not limited to allowed smoking, laundry services and wireless internet access).  Who knew a country could have all that!

Here is the snippet of information provided by Airbnb:


Be careful if you take this vacation opportunity however, as Lichtenstein has a “super strict” cancellation policy.


20% off jetBlue

Book it quick my fellow travelers!

I’m not sure if this technically counts as a blog post towards my class, (sorry Rick end of the semester workload, plus I have this one teacher making us create and entire website…It takes up a lot of time!) but I could not pass up the opportunity to give this offer to as many people as possible!

Dealspl.us’ daily deal today is 20% off a jetBlue purchase, so if you were looking for the right time to book your summer vay-cay, today might be the day to do it!

If you don’t know anything about jetBlue airline just know that they don’t charge for your first checked bag, their crew is unbelievable friendly, and they have more  leg room than Southwest and United!

I wish I could fly jetBlue all the time.

My wonderful travel buddies,

I love it when I find new websites about travel, especially when they are geared to make your life easier. If you haven’t seen my post about Rome2Rio then you may not really know this about me yet.

My newest time eater on the Internet is a website called Plnnr.com. It is designed to create entire itineraries for your trips, including times for getting from place to place.

When you arrive at the site they ask you a few simple questions (where are you going, how many days, and when). Plnnr will take your answers and calculate a full itinerary for every day you will be in town. They can help you find hotels, places to eat, museums and other attractions to visit, compete with ways to get from one place to another.

The only downside to plnnr so far is they only cater to 18 cities around the world.

Konnichiwa my wonderful band of Travelers,

Today I was investigating some information about airplanes for my upcoming website (look for it soon) and started getting very interested in FIRST CLASS (which I hope to frequently travel in one day).

I had a brief stint in first class when I was younger traveling with my family (on our way to Florida I believe) when the plane was overbooked and we got a complimentary upgrade. To be honest I was way to small to enjoy the extra space provided, I was just happy with my PB&J. I can however guarantee the first class I experienced was nothing like it is today.

Case in point: and this is just the business class!

Japan airlines has created the ultimate flying experience with their first and business class lounges. LOUNGES…not even seats. They are called either lounges or SUITES….incredible.
When flying first class with JAL you can now feel like you are in a hotel in the air, it doesn’t seem to get better, or more comfortable than this:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Downside to this wonderful luxury? A mere $7,800 dollars (ticket price from Atlanta GA to Tokyo Japan).

Hello travelers,

I thought I would share this funny little tidbit that a friend of mine passed my way.

The concept of this shirt is that no matter where you travel to and no matter what language they speak (and you don’t) you can communicate any of your basic needs.  I thought it was worth a little laugh.

Unfortunately I haven’t found a website where you can actually buy it. 😦

Rome 2 Rio

Ok travel buddies, THIS IS AWESOME!

I have just spent the last half hour charting the easiest routes to get from one random place to another. It’s so easy, and SO FAST (not to mention aesthetically pleasing).

This new travel search engine Rome2Rio was created by two former microsoft employees. Today is the launch of the site. There are tons of websites to help plan travel routes (including expedia, kayak, google maps and several others) but none of them are as fun as this. All you have to do is type in where you are leaving from and where you want to go and Rome2Rio will give you the best and fastest ways to get there, whether it be by plane, train, bus or boat. Best part is, you can buy tickets right through the site! (they have an archive of 670 airlines and include prices on their site).

The Venture Beat site where I found out about this wonderful toy has an article that explains a little bit more about how this project came about, and what it does. You can read it here.

It seems this new tool might be most useful when traveling through Europe, since it shows alternative travel options, it can help save you significant time and money.

I’m having way too much fun planning fake vacations right now. Check it out!

Pet Peeves

My dearest Travelers,

I have already mentioned my most recent observation when flying to Houston, that airlines sent regulations for carry-on baggage, but do not actually regulate them until they are already in the overhead compartment.

My mom sent me a text message today while waiting on the runway to take off for South Carolina (in case you haven’t caught on, the Judkins’ travel A LOT). In her message she asked me to comment on my blog about another plane pet peeve. When people talk on their phones next to you at the top of their lungs while everyone is waiting for the plane to take off. I am aware this happens everywhere, but I understand why it was particularly upsetting to my mom on an aircraft, when electronic devices aren’t even supposed to be turned on.

It reminds me of this past weekend on my way to Houston, the man in front of my father did not stop talking for the entire three hours we were in the air. God bless the man next to him since they didn’t even know each other. After a little while of being forced to listen to this particular passenger’s entire stock history, some other passengers made efforts to quite him down, to no avail.

I invite you lovely voyager to please comment and share some more of your own personal pet peeves, or I will make a ginormous list for you. It doesn’t have to be air travel only, anything goes guys…share your horror stories!

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