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My fellow travelers,

Sorry for the temporary Hiatus, and thank you to those dedicated readers who were still checking for new posts every day. Getting adjusted to being a college graduate is an interesting task, I must say. But now that I am safely settled back home, I will be posting again on a regular basis.

Something caught my eye recently in my Google Alerts. Anyone who has read this blog knows how much of a sucker I am for new travel technology, so it’s no surprise that American Airlines newest stint has caught my eye.

American Airlines is currently testing in-flight video streaming. Should it be successful, and implemented into their aircrafts, a passenger could wirelessly stream available videos onto their WIFI enabled personal devices (phones, ipods, computers)!

The idea behind this is that passengers will be able to choose from a list of movies and TV shows (including new releases) provided by the airline, and play them on their own devices throughout their flight.

The airline is testing the system on two aircrafts throughout the summer, and hopes to put it on all their WIFI enabled planes as early as the Fall

It has yet to be announced how much this service will cost, but it is no surprise this technology is coming from American, since they were the first airline to launch in-flight Wi-Fi


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Once again thank you Google alerts for showing me something really awesome about travel. Unbeknownst to my knowledge, every year The New York Times hosts a travel show. For 2011 it started today!

For those lucky enough to be in the city, the exhibition costs a low $15 (free if you are under 18 years old). Your ticket will get you in to explore destinations across the globe, book trips on the spot, get travel tips from experts and much more.

For a neat little view of last year’s travel show visit this blog, which talks about how to meet local people when traveling.

For more information about the show this weekend visit here,

The exciting thing about the show this year, is that Egypt was actually able to make it for their exhibition booth despite what has been going on in their country. Forbes did an entire article outlining it.   (to learn a little more about travel to Egypt, click here)

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