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My fellow travelers,

Sorry for the temporary Hiatus, and thank you to those dedicated readers who were still checking for new posts every day. Getting adjusted to being a college graduate is an interesting task, I must say. But now that I am safely settled back home, I will be posting again on a regular basis.

Something caught my eye recently in my Google Alerts. Anyone who has read this blog knows how much of a sucker I am for new travel technology, so it’s no surprise that American Airlines newest stint has caught my eye.

American Airlines is currently testing in-flight video streaming. Should it be successful, and implemented into their aircrafts, a passenger could wirelessly stream available videos onto their WIFI enabled personal devices (phones, ipods, computers)!

The idea behind this is that passengers will be able to choose from a list of movies and TV shows (including new releases) provided by the airline, and play them on their own devices throughout their flight.

The airline is testing the system on two aircrafts throughout the summer, and hopes to put it on all their WIFI enabled planes as early as the Fall

It has yet to be announced how much this service will cost, but it is no surprise this technology is coming from American, since they were the first airline to launch in-flight Wi-Fi


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Ok travel buddies, THIS IS AWESOME!

I have just spent the last half hour charting the easiest routes to get from one random place to another. It’s so easy, and SO FAST (not to mention aesthetically pleasing).

This new travel search engine Rome2Rio was created by two former microsoft employees. Today is the launch of the site. There are tons of websites to help plan travel routes (including expedia, kayak, google maps and several others) but none of them are as fun as this. All you have to do is type in where you are leaving from and where you want to go and Rome2Rio will give you the best and fastest ways to get there, whether it be by plane, train, bus or boat. Best part is, you can buy tickets right through the site! (they have an archive of 670 airlines and include prices on their site).

The Venture Beat site where I found out about this wonderful toy has an article that explains a little bit more about how this project came about, and what it does. You can read it here.

It seems this new tool might be most useful when traveling through Europe, since it shows alternative travel options, it can help save you significant time and money.

I’m having way too much fun planning fake vacations right now. Check it out!

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In light of the recent news I thought it might be nice to incorporate something about Egypt onto this page.. Although I do not wish to talk about the logistics of the news or the conflicts currently going on there, here are a few links to catch you up, if you have not been following the news:

New York Times
USA Today
LA Times

While searching online for new information about Egypt and the effects it is having on travel and tourism, I stumbled upon this article on Perezhilton.com. The article claims King Tut’s Tomb will be closing forever, due to damages caused by constant visitors. It seems that they intend to build an exact replica for tourists to visit, but the only way to preserve the tomb is to seal it off entirely.

Upon Google searching this information, I found several other articles claim the same thing, including this one.

King Tut's Tomb

There is another source on Google that I found, claiming that the Tomb isn’t actually closing anytime soon. I would like to believe this article more than anything because visiting the pyramids and Tut’s tomb has been on my bucket list for a long time. However with the way Egypt was before and the current state of the country travel to Egypt has not only become dangerous, but very difficult as well. It doesn’t seem like any of us may ever get the chance to see the famous king in person.

But if it is on your bucket list, I suggest waiting till the crisis dies down a bit, and booking your tickets as soon as possible.

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