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My more luxurious travel friends, 

If small, cramped, underwater hotel rooms do not suit your fancy, you should maybe check out this hotel in St. Lucia. Each room in the Jade Mountain has only three walls because the fourth wall is a private infinity pool overlooking the Caribbean.

These private utopias can run your wallet anywhere from $950 to $2,700. Although certain weeks in 2011 are on promotion, spend four nights, enjoy the fifth one free.

Not much can be said to show the fabulousness of this amazing hotel, so I’ll just show you:


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While spending a day wandering around Downtown LA a friend of mine mentioned spending the day on the rooftop of a hotel called

My roommate and I were initially hesitant about the idea, wondering what kind of establishment allows any old joe off the street to sit on their rooftop by their pool among the paying guests of their hotel.

As a public relations and advertising major, I should have known the answer. The Standard is one of the only hotels that can claim “There is always something going on, and something to do.”

Upon further research I found out that The Standard is actually a chain of 4 hotels (the others are in New York City, Miami and Hollywood California).

When we finally arrived at the rooftop (through a labyrinth-like series of stairs, elevators and hallways) both my roommate and myself were disappointed we had not found it sooner. It was one of the most contemporary and comfortable sun-bathing spots you can find in the city, and we had not opened up to it before the sun started setting…although it was still beautiful it was a little too cold to sit with a cocktail and enjoy the weather.

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