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If you are a traveler, and I’m assuming you are if you are checking out this blog regularly, and you have a twitter, you should be following @TravelandLeisure

A lot of the things I read about travel come from them and their tweets, it’s always really exciting and interesting.

They just posted their live April magazine check it out here, it’s what I’m about to do!


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I recently started using Twitter on a regular basis. (follow me @kimj1021) I’ve had it for over a year but never really understood the benefits of it.
While on vacation in LA i was looking for interesting things to do during the day/night and realized, Twitter could help!

I started following several “people” who were constantly updating things to do around the city.
The most helpful one was @theLAscene . It was through them we learned about the big Mardi Gras celebration at Amoeba Music on Tuesday, as well as a secret concert by a member of one of my favorite bands, Chris Wallace of The White Tie Affair.

Other people I followed were @Laweekly and @grouponLA.

When you know you are going somewhere with no real plans, find some good twitter peeps and get the best and most consistent updates about where you are.


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