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Welcome back my wonderful travelers,

After taking the summer off I hope you all did more traveling that myself, considering the most exciting vacation I took was a trip to Cape May New Jersey. Although it was low-key, it was relaxing and wonderful. (You can expect a post about it very soon)

The past three months I have been bookmarking sites upon sites to share with you. My newest favorite (sorry Rome2rio) is called Tripping.

The idea behind the website is that when we travel, we don’t always want to spend our days being a tourist. Tripping is a social media site that allows travelers to connect with locals wherever they go. This way you can have people “host” you (give you a place to stay or just simply show you around their city). It allows people to discover local restaurants, dive bars, and other places you may not find when following a guide book.

On the flip side, you can sign yourself up to be a host and show people around when they are in your neck of the woods.

We all know that meeting people is the best part of traveling, and what you often remember most, Tripping just makes it that much easier.

The website has many other features including opportunities for
-exchanging language lessons
-Meeting up for coffee, drinks or dinner
-taking a walking tour around a new neighborhood
-showing off your favorite local spots
-having a pot-luck dinner, where everyone shares a dish from their home country

Take a look around the site, and use it for your next trip. I promise you will love it. 

A bientot my wonderful friends.


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Ok travel buddies, THIS IS AWESOME!

I have just spent the last half hour charting the easiest routes to get from one random place to another. It’s so easy, and SO FAST (not to mention aesthetically pleasing).

This new travel search engine Rome2Rio was created by two former microsoft employees. Today is the launch of the site. There are tons of websites to help plan travel routes (including expedia, kayak, google maps and several others) but none of them are as fun as this. All you have to do is type in where you are leaving from and where you want to go and Rome2Rio will give you the best and fastest ways to get there, whether it be by plane, train, bus or boat. Best part is, you can buy tickets right through the site! (they have an archive of 670 airlines and include prices on their site).

The Venture Beat site where I found out about this wonderful toy has an article that explains a little bit more about how this project came about, and what it does. You can read it here.

It seems this new tool might be most useful when traveling through Europe, since it shows alternative travel options, it can help save you significant time and money.

I’m having way too much fun planning fake vacations right now. Check it out!

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