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My fellow adventurers,

Lately my time looking around for fun travel destinations and news has been taken up with the search for the most inventive and interesting places to stay. I think the oddest one I have found so far exists near Stockholm, Sweden.

If you stay at the Utter Inn, you are committing yourself to a very small confined space under water, with panoramic views of the ocean.

In my opinion it looks like a floating outhouse at first glance, but like I said, the real treasure is underwater. Renting the Utter Inn starts at $25o a night, which gives you a boat ride to this private little island, two twin beds and a table. You can also have dinner brought to you by boat.

For recreation many people swim, sunbathe and canoe around the area (canoe provided by the hotel).

I love neat and original ideas like this, but I’m not sure I’m adventurous enough to actually try it.


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