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My more luxurious travel friends, 

If small, cramped, underwater hotel rooms do not suit your fancy, you should maybe check out this hotel in St. Lucia. Each room in the Jade Mountain has only three walls because the fourth wall is a private infinity pool overlooking the Caribbean.

These private utopias can run your wallet anywhere from $950 to $2,700. Although certain weeks in 2011 are on promotion, spend four nights, enjoy the fifth one free.

Not much can be said to show the fabulousness of this amazing hotel, so I’ll just show you:


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Bonjour my lovely travelers,

Today I wanted to highlight something for those of you who may be afraid of flying but desperately want to make your way to Europe.
Seems that many engineers are working to find alternative transportation from America to Europe without the need to fly thousands of feet in the air, or sail directly above water.
A recent travel alert pointed me in the direction of this web page which talks of the idea of vactrains running under the ocean to speed up the travel between the two continents.

The concept of these super trains suggest that you could “lunch in Manhattan and still make it to London in time for theater.” Sounds amazing right!


Apparently there have already been small preliminary versions of these trains, called maglev trains, used in Shanghai.

Although it does not look like the actual vactrains will be feasible anytime soon, it is most certainly something to look forward too. After all, if you can dream it you can do it.

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