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Welcome back my wonderful travelers,

After taking the summer off I hope you all did more traveling that myself, considering the most exciting vacation I took was a trip to Cape May New Jersey. Although it was low-key, it was relaxing and wonderful. (You can expect a post about it very soon)

The past three months I have been bookmarking sites upon sites to share with you. My newest favorite (sorry Rome2rio) is called Tripping.

The idea behind the website is that when we travel, we don’t always want to spend our days being a tourist. Tripping is a social media site that allows travelers to connect with locals wherever they go. This way you can have people “host” you (give you a place to stay or just simply show you around their city). It allows people to discover local restaurants, dive bars, and other places you may not find when following a guide book.

On the flip side, you can sign yourself up to be a host and show people around when they are in your neck of the woods.

We all know that meeting people is the best part of traveling, and what you often remember most, Tripping just makes it that much easier.

The website has many other features including opportunities for
-exchanging language lessons
-Meeting up for coffee, drinks or dinner
-taking a walking tour around a new neighborhood
-showing off your favorite local spots
-having a pot-luck dinner, where everyone shares a dish from their home country

Take a look around the site, and use it for your next trip. I promise you will love it. 

A bientot my wonderful friends.


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It is the result of several grueling hours of learning dreamweaver CS3 and compiling information about the best and worst of popular travel vehicles, including trains, planes and cruises.

It’s all for your my wonderful readers (and of course to pass my online journalism class).
Click here to check it out…let me know what you think!

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My fellow adventurers,

Lately my time looking around for fun travel destinations and news has been taken up with the search for the most inventive and interesting places to stay. I think the oddest one I have found so far exists near Stockholm, Sweden.

If you stay at the Utter Inn, you are committing yourself to a very small confined space under water, with panoramic views of the ocean.

In my opinion it looks like a floating outhouse at first glance, but like I said, the real treasure is underwater. Renting the Utter Inn starts at $25o a night, which gives you a boat ride to this private little island, two twin beds and a table. You can also have dinner brought to you by boat.

For recreation many people swim, sunbathe and canoe around the area (canoe provided by the hotel).

I love neat and original ideas like this, but I’m not sure I’m adventurous enough to actually try it.

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My wonderful travel buddies,

I love it when I find new websites about travel, especially when they are geared to make your life easier. If you haven’t seen my post about Rome2Rio then you may not really know this about me yet.

My newest time eater on the Internet is a website called Plnnr.com. It is designed to create entire itineraries for your trips, including times for getting from place to place.

When you arrive at the site they ask you a few simple questions (where are you going, how many days, and when). Plnnr will take your answers and calculate a full itinerary for every day you will be in town. They can help you find hotels, places to eat, museums and other attractions to visit, compete with ways to get from one place to another.

The only downside to plnnr so far is they only cater to 18 cities around the world.

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Bonjour my lovely travelers,

Today I wanted to highlight something for those of you who may be afraid of flying but desperately want to make your way to Europe.
Seems that many engineers are working to find alternative transportation from America to Europe without the need to fly thousands of feet in the air, or sail directly above water.
A recent travel alert pointed me in the direction of this web page which talks of the idea of vactrains running under the ocean to speed up the travel between the two continents.

The concept of these super trains suggest that you could “lunch in Manhattan and still make it to London in time for theater.” Sounds amazing right!


Apparently there have already been small preliminary versions of these trains, called maglev trains, used in Shanghai.

Although it does not look like the actual vactrains will be feasible anytime soon, it is most certainly something to look forward too. After all, if you can dream it you can do it.

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If you are a traveler, and I’m assuming you are if you are checking out this blog regularly, and you have a twitter, you should be following @TravelandLeisure

A lot of the things I read about travel come from them and their tweets, it’s always really exciting and interesting.

They just posted their live April magazine check it out here, it’s what I’m about to do!

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I learned a very valuable lesson yesterday. No matter how short your trip/vacation, make sure you have all your insurance information/numbers/cards with you in case of emergency.

Yesterday I had to go to a dentist out here in wonderful Los Angeles, and it was not so fun.
Long story short, I  cracked a tooth and needed it fixed to stop severe mouth pains. However realizing that I am still on my parents insurance, and they are currently in a time zone 3 hours ahead, it was quite the pain in the but to call my parents for all of their information to  sort out the paperwork….not a fun vacation activity.

Sorry this is a boring post but you do learn something new every day and I thought I would share my seemingly obvious new discovery. ALWAYS HAVE ALL YOUR INFORMATION WHEN TRAVELING!

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