My fellow explorers,

A few weeks ago my family rented a house in Cape May, and it was BEAUTIFUL.

While staying a mile away from the beach for and entire week in August we got lucky with the weather, learned to surf, bought Cape May Diamonds and met a former finalist of America’s Got Talent. All in all it was a great vacation.

The town of Cape May looks like it belongs in a Pippi Longstocking book, with all the houses having vintage themes and cute names.

If you have never been to this particular part of New Jersey, it is definitely worth the trip. There are adorable shops, great beaches, a historic WWII tower and boat, and you are only 20 minutes from famous Wildwood.

The entire week was filled with walking tours, shopping and sun bathing. There was however one particular tour that I do not advocate participating in. The Trolley tours.

My family are big fans of Boardwalk Empire, and the whole 20’s prohibition era. No surprise that we got excited to take a trolley tour around town called “Rum Runners & Bootleggers.”   This was the description:

The Actors Offstage transport you back in time to Cape May’s roaring 20s on the new Rum
Runners & Bootleggers Trolley Ride. Prohibition turned ordinary citizens into criminals and ordinary
criminals into kings. While Nucky Johnson built his Boardwalk Empire and Al Capone ruled Chicago,
Cape May happily supplied the illegal hooch that made the roaring 20’s roar. Your “host” on this trolley
ride into the bygone days of basement stills, moonshine and racketeers, will be a genuine gun-toting
gangster or a real bob-haired flapper. They’ll tell you firsthand what it was like in not so genteel Cape
May when the Volstead act was the law of the land.

Sounds pretty exciting right? WRONG. We got onto a trolley that drove us around cape may for 45 minutes. A girl “gangster” got on, made a poor attempt to hold up the trolley and proceeded to read a script off of the current day’s newspaper. Nothing was pointed out to us, no factual information about the time period was known, and when someone asked a question, it was avoided, passed over and the subject was changed. It was very disappointing. I can’t imagine any of the other tours were better.

If only we knew before...

Bottom line, go to Cape May, love every minute of it, but don’t spend your ten dollars to take a trolley tour that won’t be any more informative than your walk to the beach every morning.

Did I mention Wildwood was only 20 minutes away???!

This is the site to the surf camp we took: I highly recommend it

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Welcome back my wonderful travelers,

After taking the summer off I hope you all did more traveling that myself, considering the most exciting vacation I took was a trip to Cape May New Jersey. Although it was low-key, it was relaxing and wonderful. (You can expect a post about it very soon)

The past three months I have been bookmarking sites upon sites to share with you. My newest favorite (sorry Rome2rio) is called Tripping.

The idea behind the website is that when we travel, we don’t always want to spend our days being a tourist. Tripping is a social media site that allows travelers to connect with locals wherever they go. This way you can have people “host” you (give you a place to stay or just simply show you around their city). It allows people to discover local restaurants, dive bars, and other places you may not find when following a guide book.

On the flip side, you can sign yourself up to be a host and show people around when they are in your neck of the woods.

We all know that meeting people is the best part of traveling, and what you often remember most, Tripping just makes it that much easier.

The website has many other features including opportunities for
-exchanging language lessons
-Meeting up for coffee, drinks or dinner
-taking a walking tour around a new neighborhood
-showing off your favorite local spots
-having a pot-luck dinner, where everyone shares a dish from their home country

Take a look around the site, and use it for your next trip. I promise you will love it. 

A bientot my wonderful friends.

My fellow travelers,

Sorry for the temporary Hiatus, and thank you to those dedicated readers who were still checking for new posts every day. Getting adjusted to being a college graduate is an interesting task, I must say. But now that I am safely settled back home, I will be posting again on a regular basis.

Something caught my eye recently in my Google Alerts. Anyone who has read this blog knows how much of a sucker I am for new travel technology, so it’s no surprise that American Airlines newest stint has caught my eye.

American Airlines is currently testing in-flight video streaming. Should it be successful, and implemented into their aircrafts, a passenger could wirelessly stream available videos onto their WIFI enabled personal devices (phones, ipods, computers)!

The idea behind this is that passengers will be able to choose from a list of movies and TV shows (including new releases) provided by the airline, and play them on their own devices throughout their flight.

The airline is testing the system on two aircrafts throughout the summer, and hopes to put it on all their WIFI enabled planes as early as the Fall

It has yet to be announced how much this service will cost, but it is no surprise this technology is coming from American, since they were the first airline to launch in-flight Wi-Fi

[View the story “Osama Bin Laden is dead” on Storify]


It is the result of several grueling hours of learning dreamweaver CS3 and compiling information about the best and worst of popular travel vehicles, including trains, planes and cruises.

It’s all for your my wonderful readers (and of course to pass my online journalism class).
Click here to check it out…let me know what you think!

My more luxurious travel friends, 

If small, cramped, underwater hotel rooms do not suit your fancy, you should maybe check out this hotel in St. Lucia. Each room in the Jade Mountain has only three walls because the fourth wall is a private infinity pool overlooking the Caribbean.

These private utopias can run your wallet anywhere from $950 to $2,700. Although certain weeks in 2011 are on promotion, spend four nights, enjoy the fifth one free.

Not much can be said to show the fabulousness of this amazing hotel, so I’ll just show you:

Sleep Underwater

My fellow adventurers,

Lately my time looking around for fun travel destinations and news has been taken up with the search for the most inventive and interesting places to stay. I think the oddest one I have found so far exists near Stockholm, Sweden.

If you stay at the Utter Inn, you are committing yourself to a very small confined space under water, with panoramic views of the ocean.

In my opinion it looks like a floating outhouse at first glance, but like I said, the real treasure is underwater. Renting the Utter Inn starts at $25o a night, which gives you a boat ride to this private little island, two twin beds and a table. You can also have dinner brought to you by boat.

For recreation many people swim, sunbathe and canoe around the area (canoe provided by the hotel).

I love neat and original ideas like this, but I’m not sure I’m adventurous enough to actually try it.

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